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Remove non-consensual explicit or intimate personal images from PieNude.com Preface We recognize that the non-consensual sharing of intimate or explicit images and videos (sometimes referred to as "revenge porn") is distressing. This article is intended to support you through the process for removal requests of such images and videos from PieNude.com. To request that this content be removed from PieNude.com, please follow the instructions below. You may also have an authorized representative complete the form on your behalf.

Requirements So we can help you, please make sure the content removal request meets both of these requirements:

• The imagery shows you (or the individual you are representing) nude, in a sexual act or an intimate state

• You (or the individual you are representing) did not consent to the imagery or the act and it was made publicly available OR

• You intended the content to be private and the imagery was made publicly available without your consent, like "revenge porn" Instructions

1. Send us your removal request via the email listed on our Contact Page.

2. For removal, you'll need to provide the following information:

• Your full Name

• Country

• Contact Email Address

• Hi-resolution of Selfie with Valid ID below your chin

• A sample URL where the image or video appears

• Screenshots of the offending content, which will help us make sure we're removing the correct results. We encourage you to use image-editing software to obscure the sexually explicit portions of the screenshots, but keep in mind the content needs to be identifiable to be removed.

Publication to Lumen Please note that a copy of each notice we receive may be sent to the Lumen project (https://www.lumendatabase.org) for publication and annotation. Lumen will redact the submitter's personal contact information (i.e. phone number, e-mail and address). You can see an example of such a publication at (https://www.lumendatabase.org/notices/5838). We may also send the original notice to the alleged infringer or, if we have reason to suspect the validity of your complaint, to the rights holder. We may also publish similar information from your notice in future transparency reports that PieNude.com would publish.